A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

This project will showcase my interpretations of songs included in Panic! At the Disco's first album. Updated April 16th, 2015, to include another photomanipulation at the end.

an ongoing series featuring digital art based on songs by the band Panic! At the Disco.
"sit back relapse again"
"Girls in White Dresses".
"the ballad of mona lisa"
"was it God who chokes in these situations?"
credits here: http://andaelentari.deviantart.com/art/was-it-God-who-chokes-in-these-situations-443214644
"She lives in her world so unaware"
credits: http://andaelentari.deviantart.com/art/She-lives-in-her-world-so-unaware-466685867
"you're not the ordinary type"
credits here: http://andaelentari.deviantart.com/art/you-re-not-the-ordinary-type-481024297
"I wouldn't be caught dead in this place"
credits here: http://andaelentari.deviantart.com/art/I-wouldn-t-be-caught-dead-in-this-place-468600274
"Hold a lover close"
credits here: http://andaelentari.deviantart.com/art/hold-a-lover-close-474429736
"Let the Sun Rain Down on Me'
credits here: http://andaelentari.deviantart.com/art/Let-the-Sun-Rain-Down-on-Me-398571258
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